1. !BlueHD Speakers for Extra Bass
2. Control Talk - Change Song, Volume +/-, Call Pickup / Drop
3. Crystal Clear Mic for Mobile, Gaming, Chat & VoIP (Skype, MSN, etc).
4. 4 Pole Gold Plated Plug
5. Noise Reduction Design to Reduce Background Sound
6. Tangle Free Flat Cable
7. Compatible with iPhone, iPod, iPad, Tablets, Mobiles, MP3 Players etc.
Driver Diameter- 4x1.5mm
Directivity - Omnidirectional
Impedance - ≤2.21KΩ
(S.PL) - ±40dB ±1 dB
Impedance -32Ω
Frequency Response 20Hz-22kHz
Sensitivity(S.P.L) 108dB
Cord Length 1.2 meters
Plug 03.5mm

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