Compatible :

Before using, kindly confirm below issues:
1.Your iOS devices’ Bluetooth Standard is Bluetooth 4.0. (iPhone 4S and up)"
2.Your devices’ iOS version is 7.0 and up.
3.Your devices’ Bluetooth is turned ON.
4.You have access to Apple App Store,with internet connection (GPRS, 3G,4G, Wifi) and your Apple ID.
5.iSim supports GSM band only for phone call & SMS. Does not support network data service.

Type in “MoreCard” in App Store, andsearch for below App to install on yourdevices.
1.On iPad, please switch to iPhone App searching menu.
2.To ensure App run properly, pleaseenable App to access relatedpermissions: Notification, ContactsAccess, Bluetooth Connection etc.
Activate your MoreCard App
1. When login with Phone No., please make sure it’s valid to receive verification code. (Give the same mobile number on which app is installed).
2. When login with third-parties’ account, please allow App to access required permissions, and make sure iPhone is connected to internet (GPRS/3G/4G/ Wifi).

1.App contains Call (embed with Keypad), Contacts and Messages UI. Select each UI for phone call & SMS operations. Double click Call to popup Keypad.
2.App does not support Contacts edit.
3Please go to iPhone’’s Contacts to edit.
Connect iPhone & Disconnect Alarm
1.Before connection, please make sureiPhone’s Bluetooth is turned on.
2.Please insert Micro SIM card beforepairing. Do not insert after enteringPairing.
3.Long press Pairing button 5 seconds toenter Pairing Mode, Red & Green LEDflashing to indicate.
4.Open the App, go to BindingDevice, SearchOr Me > Device > Search available devices nearby. Click device’s name> enter default password “0000” will auto connect.
You can check connecting status in App’sSettings menu:
Green √ means connected;Grey circle means disconnected.
5.When distance between iPhone &iSim is beyond working range:Pop up windows will be shown on iPhone,together with notify sound;iSim will Beep to alert, Red &Green LED will be flashing;When they become within working range,iSim will auto reconnect to iPhone.- When SIM card successfully registeredto network, Green LED will be flashingslowly, network Carrier’s name will bedisplayed on top area.If SIM card failed to register to network(loose contact or bad network coverage),Green LED will be flashingrapidly, noCarrier’s name displayed on screen. Youneed to unplug and insert SIM card &power off and on iSim to retry.
Remote Camera
1. To enter Remote Camera Shot:A. Make sure iSim is connected
To iPhone and within working range.
B. Go to App’s Settings---Camera, toopen Camera window.
C. Single press Camera Shutter buttonto take photo.
D. Do not support video shot operation.
2. To quit Camera, click X on top rightcorner.
3. Please allow App to access Camera &Album.
Bug Fixing , Basic Q&A
1. Couldn’t find App or App not runningproperly?
1). Please make sure iPhone’s iOSversion is 7.0 and up, Bluetoothstandard be Bluetooth 4.0 and up.
2). Please make sure it’s iPhone 4S andup devices.
3). Please make sure you’ve selected thecorrect App to download.
4). On iPad, please switch to iPhone Appsearching menu.

2.Couldn’t login App
1). When login with phone No., pleasemake sure it’s valid to receiveverification code.
When login with third-parties’ account,please allow App to access requiredpermissions, and make sure iPhone isconnected to internet (GPRS/3G/4G/Wifi).
2). Under Wifi connection, please makesure this Wifi is valid to internet.

3.Can not receive SMS or phone call oniSim?
1). Please make sure iSim isconnected to iPhone and withinworking range.
2). Please make sure SIM card registeredto network successfully, with Carrier’s name listed on top area, Green LEDflashing slowly.
3). Please make sure iSim is notout of power.
4). Please re-download App andre-connect.

4.How long is the charging time for battery?
Normally around 45 minutes Red LED on while charging, Green LED.

5.How long does battery last for one fullycharge?
Continuous talk time: ≤ 6 hours
Standby time: 48 hours
Battery icon with capacity display will beshown on top right corne
For better using experience, pleaseremember to charge yourtimely.
If iSim does not auto connect toiPhone, please kill App in background andreopen.
Please make sure iPhone’s Bluetooth isturned ON.

SIM type: Micro SIM
Network standard: GSM
Network band: GSM850MHz/EGSM900MHz /
App Download/Install- Morecard

Please send a mail to [email protected] proof of purchase documents attached. One year from the date of purchase.

Thank you for purchasing iSim Dual Sim Bluetooth adaptor for iPad, iPhone & iPod

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