ipad 10.2/10.5

  • Wireless Backlit Keyboard with Glass Trackpad
  • Trackpad with customized guesture
  • English/Arabic Keys
  • iOS Shortcut
  • Convert iPad to Laptop
  • RGB / breathing backlit for night use
  • Protect iPad on the go

Gesture controls

One Finger

Left Button (Customizable): Single Click

To slide the cursor: Single-finger movement

Drag items: Double-click and drag with one finger

Opens all active windows: To slide from the top edge

Opens the hidden bottom application bar: Swipe up from the bottom edge

Two Fingers

Toggle windows to the right: Double-finger swipe from right to left

To switch windows to the left: Double-finger swipe from the left to right

Right-click(customizable): Double-finger the click

Roller rolling: Double finger sliding up and down left and right

Zoom in/out: Double finger scaling

Three Fingers

Recendly used window switch: Three fingers moving up at the same time

Return to the main interface: Three fingers moving down up at the same time

Active window (sliding left and right to switch): Three fingers simultaneously sliding left and right

Four Fingers

Screenshot: Four finger click


  • Operating system: IOS 13.4 and above (Equipment must support touch)
  • Custom setting ( when wireless pairing is successful ) : Setting → Accessibility>Touch → Assistive Touch → Devices → Connected Devices → Customize Additional Buttons → Set the action on the trackpad → Select Instruction
  • Turn on/off touchpad button
  • Before using copy, paste and cut functions, you need to select the object

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